Why you need Mash5

Too many apps, everything needs an app for IoE (Internet of Everything)

Technology over complex, hard to find talents for the job.

Higher cost on development and operation, longer cycle in time-to-market.

Cross-platform native apps

Write once in javascript on browser, run on both iOS and Android, result in seconds. All native, no HTML5. Easy to recruit javascript developers.

Container app smart

Too many apps? Apps don't talk to each other? Users don't update? All gone with container app, auto load, update, personalize, offline...limitless.

Cloud streamline

Prototype, develop, test, deploy, distribute, operate, analyze, all on cloud and centralized. Easy to control and light fast turn-around.

Mass Customization

Software defined apps is reality with cloud components. Customize without coding, minimize cost and time to market.

IoE/IoT Native

Native container app communicates to smart devices natively. BLE and iBeacon ready. Program hardware in javascript.

Open source community

The developer community shares various javascript source codes, test and reuse on mobile right away. Clone, adapt, share.

The easiest way to work on mobile apps

Use 1at developer container app, run open source applications right away. One-click clone for your own.

Develop and manage application on web. Write javascript code in browser, no IDE installation.

Customize applications on mobile without coding. Users can do with permission.

Create iBeacon driven smart app by grouping standalone applications.

Conquer 3 challenges for enterprises


App fragmentation diminishes previous consolidation efforts. Mobile portal strategy implemented with container app provides a unified entrance for people, tasks, and processes.


Large application variety serves various objectives. Container-cloud scheme also supports app variation along time, places, roles, and tasks. Frequent change is business norm but can be handled in realtime.


App segragation breaks continuity of business process. Applications in cloud can be connected to each other, accross organizations, or even accross clouds, following rigid process or collaborative.

3 customer cases

Long-distance bus travel

Entrance: bus ticket app, search and purchase. Entering all passenger activities.
Variation: station guide and check-in services. O2O on nearby restaurants, stores, hotel, tourist spots, etc. On-bus e-commerce. Keep adding and complex operation.
Connectivity: ticket earning coupon points redeemed at nearby merchants.

High-speed rail maintenance

Entrance: maintenance portal app for all related tasks.
Variation: field service company on daily inspection schedule. Manufactures processs repair work orders. Stake holders oversee service condition and performance.
Connectivity: Trouble ticket routed to manufactures and monitored by field service company as well as stake holders.

University campus life

Entrance: the survival app for new students as campus life portal.
Variation: vast amount of activities, time and location based, personalized. Dance parties, clubs, festivals, etc.
Connectivity: socially connected with previous events, dance partners, vistors from other school, etc.

Proven by mission critical customers

China High-speed rail field services
State highway maintenance and operation
Commodity trading for Dept. of Commerce
Environmental tracking for Dept. of Environment
State long-distance passenger transportation
National wireless communication regulation

Made for enterprise complexity

Extremely agile. Fast prototyping in hours for demo or proof of concept design.

Develop in javascript. Programming skill is much more available than iOS or Android developers.

Cross-platform for both iOS and Android, not sacrificing native performance and device system and hardware access.

Integration with legacy backend. Various existing data sources can mash up and streamline the business processes.

Container as a mobile portal. Consolidate business applications into one app accross organizations and accross business processes.

Support for offline applications. Sophisticated code and data caching for best performance.

Flexible customization support - container customization providing various app entries, mass customization without coding by configuring components, and fine detailed code-level customization.

Multi-tenant as a fundamental cloud feature. Host and manage many organizations become trivial.

Applications communicate to each other, accross containers, accross tenants, and even accross clouds.

Manage and operate mobile applications in centralized and well-controlled cloud environment.

Container-cloud based MAM (Mobile Application Management), security at finest grainularity.

Situational smart app according to people, time, location, and tasks. Easy to create and can be one-time use.

Built-in support for smart hardware devices via BLE (Bluetooth 4.0). Create iBeacon applications without coding.

Best fit for ecosystem construction. Embracing open innovation community and operate own ecosystem on value chain.

Documents, tutorials, and blogs

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About Mash5

Mash5 is a leading technology enabler for IoE (Internet of Everything) similar to Java for Web and Andriod for mobile Internet. We invented container-cloud, a new paradigm for IoE applications that redefines existing mobile app. We are the the first in market to offer IoE mobile application development and operation cloud platform, empowering companies to build and manage their own IoE ecosystems. The technology is rooted to the works done by our founder at Sun Microsystems, who built the world鈥檚 very first cloud compiler for web applications in 2007. Today, Mash5 is offering the second generation cloud compiler for IoE mobile applications. Next, we will work on the third generation of cloud compiler for smart devices, by embedding a tiny virtual machine inside the controller chip. We are ambitious to get all IoE devices on cloud and make cloud applications running on smart devices so that we can have truly smart applications for IoE.

Please contact Mash5 at info@mash5.com for further inquires.